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[17 Aug 2019|02:22pm]


WHO: Hugh & Theodore
WHEN: Friday evening, following this.
WHERE: Hugh's home.
SUMMARY: After dinner coffee and conversation.
WARNINGS: Probably none? Will update, if necessary.

Would you like some coffee? )

[Manning T] [16 Aug 2019|05:52pm]


[To Thor Manning, a note left on the kitchen counter, handwriting not quite right:]

The lake.

News; Arts & Theatre District. [15 Aug 2019|10:05pm]


[As the summer theatre season draws to a close, the professional stages in the Arts & Theatre District of the Capital began to prepare for their 2019-2020 theatrical seasons. The shows for the season are posted, professional theatrical companies are auditioning for actors and dancers, and conversations in the local newspapers circulate upon the moneymakers and the flops of the past season as well as speculation on which shows will come on tour next year, and what local shows will fill the stages in the upcoming season.

» Rumors circulate that the MAJESTIC THEATRE, which declared bankruptcy in January leading to multiple props and theatrical items being auctioned off in June, has been sold to a wealthy investor from Europe. There's no indication about who this investor is, or what they hope to do with the place. In the meantime, rumors abound of a ghost being sighted near the stage door and lights being seen on in the theatre, despite the power having been turned off months ago, and no previous indications of that particular theatre being haunted

» August 16, the Capital Musical Theater opens the final show of their summer season,The Last Five Years starring Hugh Christian and Jessica Dempsey. It is scheduled to run with Thursday thru Sunday showings until September 8. Friday's papers run mostly positive reviews, noting the production rests on the foundations of the actors abilities to pull off the demands of the 90 minute, one act show.

» Perhaps it has to do with the eerie empty hulk of the Majestic, or perhaps it is a typical resurgence of delight in ghost stories in theatres, but theatre staff in multiple theatres in the district see an uptick in 'ghost sightings' from stage hands, cast, and patrons of the arts this month, leading one enterprising semi-professional black-box theatre to make use of an otherwise unscheduled period to host a ticketed series of professional seances over labor day weekend.]

Delivery: Hannah S [15 Aug 2019|08:30pm]


[Hannah S]

[It is sent care of Hookerville and the courier diligently goes from trailer to trailer. The handwriting isn't Cass's. It's somebody with flamboyant curls and swirls of blue ink, and the paper wrapping isn't neat, but sloppy and heavy on tape. On the inside is written, 'Cass said something about this is easier' and it's wrapped in bubble-wrap over a soft, canvas bag it has been wrapped in. Whoever it is signs a slash of a name that's illegible. The canvas cotton smells like crumbling incense and old wine and the necessary wires are thoughtfully twisted into an elastic band at the bottom of the bag.]

Public [15 Aug 2019|09:36am]


I do enjoy the view from my house in the mornings.

Seeing that view covered in bodies and blood takes me back.

Club Log: Caspar & Hannah [15 Aug 2019|02:38am]


Who: Caspar & Hannah
What: Club hi
Where: Capital
When: A club
Warnings: Drugs, maybe

It felt good. )

[Email to Seven M.] [14 Aug 2019|07:19pm]


From: Dr. Nelson
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2019 9:37 AM
To: S. Morgan
Re: Patient: Flores, Marta
Importance: HIGH

Dear Mr. Morgan )

Public, Janus A [14 Aug 2019|10:47pm]



That's one way of recruiting for the denominational worship in town. I'd forgotten the town could do a little intentional mischief, fuck with a few heads on the trot.

[Janus A]

Hello, darling.

public [13 Aug 2019|09:14pm]


Well, I for one won't be going near the lake again.

travis narrative [13 Aug 2019|01:44am]


Who: Travis and family
What: How he starts selling drugs for his stepfather
Where: His mom's place in the Capital
When: Recent
Warnings: Drugs.

If Travis was going to be honest with himself )

Ragnar, Ronan, Public [12 Aug 2019|01:43pm]



I dreamt of Kattegat last night.


You should talk more if you want me to believe something isn't going on.


Are there any non-denominational places of worship in town or nearby?

Anon. [12 Aug 2019|03:15am]



On the lake: Hugh & Atticus [10 Aug 2019|10:27pm]


WHO: Hugh M. & Atticus M.
WHEN: Sunday morning
WHERE: On the docks, and the lake.
SUMMARY: Atticus suggested sailing in return for Hugh's coffee.

there was something about the idea of a sailboat that sat well with Hugh )

Delivery: Hugh Christian [09 Aug 2019|10:01pm]


Check your mailbox. )

[Diner: Aleksi, Hannah, Si] [09 Aug 2019|06:17pm]


Who: Aleksi, Hannah, Si
What: Pancakes!
Where: The (bad) diner
When: 8:00 pm
Warnings/Rating: Nay, probably not

Hannah was having a really, really confusing week, and she was glad of the distraction that dinner with Si and Aleksi would provide. She hadn't seen Aleksi since the coffee shop, and she wanted to hear all about him and Dietre. Hearing him talk made her feel like the pictures written on pages could becomes real in the real world, and she liked it very much. Plus, she liked him, and she thought maybe Si could use some friends that were nice. And Aleksi kind of knew about Si, since their shared dream had kind of been about Si too, and so she was glad to bring them together, and she did like pancakes.

She left Albin at 7 p.m., and she showered and changed into something comfortable, and then she walked to the diner on the bad side of town. She didn't go to the good diner ever, because they weren't very nice to any of the working girls on the good side of town. Here, they didn't care very much, and she was in this diner a lot. There wasn't much space for cooking in the airstream, and she didn't really know how to cook. So, the diner was where she usually ate, or at least on days when she had a good john come through.

Tonight, there was money in her pocket, and she picked the cornermost booth, thinking Aleksi might want the safety of a wall at his back. She was there first, which was easy enough to realize since both Si and Aleksi were big, and she slid into the booth and asked for a coffee when the waitress brought the menus. She didn't really need the menu, but she looked anyway, long hair obscuring her face in messy strands still shower-and-change damp.

Adrian M, public [09 Aug 2019|11:15am]


[Adrian M]

[After hearing nothing.] Kid.


Got to say. For the record? Glad I didn't get caught up in this one. I'm not musical.

[Newt P]

My turn to check in. You heard from Adrian, much?

[ETA: Dietre A]

Hey kid. Heard from Adrian?

public (as hugh christian) [08 Aug 2019|07:10pm]


It figures that the one time I wouldn't mind being caught up in Repose nonsense is the time it decides to leave me alone.

I hope everyone enjoyed the party, regardless.

Public (anon) x2, Jamie M, David P, Amy M [08 Aug 2019|03:09pm]


[Public, as anonymous]
You were green and I told you you should dance more. Lock to me here, if you want to talk.

[In a separate post.]
[Public, as anonymous]
i'm the guy from the motel, looking for the girl i met there a while back.

[Posted sometime later.]
[Locked to Jamie M]

[Locked to David P]
we need to talk.

ETA: [Locked to Amy M]
got a second?

Public [08 Aug 2019|01:10pm]


The problem with spending so much time in the Capital is that I'm horribly out of touch with the happenings in town. Mermaid's tail? Disappearing arcade game? How does one make sure to be around the next time something bizarre happens?

Adrian M and/or Sue [07 Aug 2019|02:39am]


[Mental (Adrian/Sue)]

[He's planning on posting on the forums, but he checks, on a whim, and realizes that Adrian ain't at home. So, 'stead of writing, he pokes at them, and he waits on an answer.]

You can think on back at me. No one will be able to tell.

Adrian M, Marta F, Misha B, Ren S [07 Aug 2019|01:34am]


[After all the festivities.]

[Locked to Adrian M]

[Locked to Marta F]
Hello, Marta.

[Locked to Misha B]

[Locked to Ren S]
Ah, hello.

[Public.] [06 Aug 2019|06:50pm]


Hello, my family is coming back into the neighborhood. It's been a while since the summers when I was a kid.

Anyway, I have a few extra trays of inside-out pocket pies, if anyone has a sweet tooth.

Lakeside: Theodore and Hugh [06 Aug 2019|05:11pm]


Who: Theodore Chambers and Hugh March feat. Heart
What: A meeting on the lakefront
Where: Near Theodore's lakeside cottage
When: Tonightish
Warnings/Rating: Low to none

It was only a wonder, not a wish. )

Downtown/Trailer Park: Alex and Mal [06 Aug 2019|04:31pm]


Who: Alex and Mal
What: Home security!
Where: Mal's shop/Alex's trailer
When: During Theater Plot, follwing this.
Warnings/Rating: Low/potential weirdness

Every day it got more intense, like something was hunched down inside him, waiting to take over. )

Public [06 Aug 2019|09:12pm]



Romantics in Town Hall or romantics in town, do you think? I think black and white so much more romantic than anything in color.

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